Will’s Cover Letter

Dear Potential Employers, Please give me a job. I am very handsome and also good at Microsoft Excel. If it is a client-facing job you are offering, I am not so handsome

Top 5 Places to Take Baths at Yale

Everytime I step Barney-purple shower shoes-first into my entryway shower, I wish I were tits-deep in the ocean. Sometimes all we need to re-inspire that joie de vivre is a bath. A

Finding a Formal Date for my Suitemate

Hey Facebook! Calling all Yale men: are you an eligible bachelor looking for the *perfect* date to first year formal? Stop looking right now. Please go with my suitemate. Please.  Pros:  Super

Jeremy’s Dating Profile

What’s up, ladieeeeeeees? The name’s Jeremy and I’d love to kiss you. No worries if you don’t want to, though. We could also just turn on some Netflix and hug. I love

Millennials: Three Industries We’re Destroying

Millennials aren’t just any snowflakes—we are vicious snowflakes in Elsa’s tumultuous ice storm, terrorizing the economy and traditional industries until they are driven to their cold and inevitable deaths. We are far

Credit/D/Fail: TikTok

Credit: You’ve been a TikTok fan since the days. Since before its purpose was to help China to steal your data. You sang all the songs, danced all the dances, and